Facepalm Coin Games Website:

- More details will be released soon, website is still under development.

Here’s a list of the games currently developed on the website with more to come!

- Diamond Matching Game

- Classic Snake Game

- Human vs CPU X’s and O’s

Facepalm Coin Apps:

- Facepalm Games - Play and Earn: Released on Google Play

- Flap E-Bird

- Floppy Fish

- Candy Match 3

- Test Your Typing Speed: Released on Google Play

- Equal 10 Math Puzzle Game: Released on Google Play

- Speed Math Game: Released on Google Play

- Reaction Speed Games

Developed in conjunction with Facepalm Coin ($FACEP): The Next Big Meme Coin! Follow our ​socials below and check out our website at https://facepalmcoin.com/.

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